Abstract: Shenzhen Lihengfeng Textile Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of Teduolong silk elastic band, which provides Tedong silk elastic band manufacturer custom, special dragon silk elastic band supplier direct sales, special dragon silk elastic band wholesale custom, products are sold in Shenzhen, Guangzhou , Dongguan, Zhejiang Hangzhou, Yiwu, Jiangsu, Beijing and other places.

Tedron light elastic band

Product Details

[name] silky special dragon elastic band

[Brand] Li Hengfeng

[Specifications] can be customized

[Materials] Polyester + Imported Latex

【Color: black, white

[Use] Clothing, apparel and daily necessities

[Features] Imported raw materials, good wear resistance, non-toxic and harmless, fine texture, good smoothness, smooth anti-wrinkle, soft handfeel, washable, no fading, wide use, environmental certification

The company has elastic elastic band , silky extra long elastic band and other elastic bands and a variety of elastic band accessories . Can be customized according to the needs, suitable for many ages, suitable for clothing cuffs, hem, underwear, garters, waist pants, waist, shoes, sports amulets and medical stretches.