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Velcro custom manufacturers tell you how to apply Velcro
- 2018-11-07-

Velcro is also seen as a consumable while at the same time as our daily life. In fact, because of the high frequency of application, the velcro hangs the environment that is not easy to use, and even the environment that cannot be used indirectly. If you can accurately affix the Velcro, it can still be very long. As a custom manufacturer of Velcro, we have a certain understanding of the application method of Velcro. So, let's take a closer look at how to stop the accurate application of Velcro.

Accurately, the Velcro sticker must learn to properly close the Velcro. The method of closing it is from top to bottom. If it is closed, the sound will be smaller, and it will be easier to close and extend the application life. In addition, apply the new Velcro, be sure to pay attention to the Velcro after washing, in order to avoid the Velcro. As many users often close the wash, it is easy to form a shortened life of the velcro. At the end, it is also necessary to pay attention to the washing detergent must avoid the corrosive, avoid serious adverse effects on the Velcro, resulting in extended life.


In many cloth shoes, the figure of the adhesive Velcro strap can often be seen, because of its existence, the shoes become elegant and applicable. Adhesive Velcro is an application that is unusually common. It is inseparable from all aspects of its career, such as backpacks, mobile phone cases, dressing, etc. Compared with buttons and pins, the adhesive Velcro has the following three major benefits. One is that it can stick to the career supplies. For all the sticky items, the velcro can be glued, just stick it, it needs a lot of power to pull open, not only the connection of the influence, but also the decoration of the product. The second is convenience. It’s very convenient to carry and apply the stickers. In many occasional and sudden environments, once you have the necessary Velcro, you can stick it for you, and it will work in one second. The third is protection. Compared to the button, the Velcro itself is extremely soft, and it can be buffered during the friction and collision process. It can remove most of the power and act as a protective film.