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Velcro custom manufacturers show you the characteristics of the Velcro tape
- 2018-11-07-

Shenzhen Lihengfeng Textile Co., Ltd. is a technology-based company. It is an early manufacturer of Velcro (bonding tape). The hook and loop fastener can replace the traditional buttons, zippers and other fixed ways. , functional and other advantages. Provide hundreds of different series of Velcro tapes to the world, serving industries, automobiles, consumer goods and other industries. The main products are: Velcro, adhesive Velcro, Velcro strap, 3M Velcro, nylon Velcro, Velcro strap, Velcro strap, special Velcro, elastic strap Velcro, high frequency Velcro, etc., according to Need to customize the Velcro . As a custom manufacturer of Velcro, you have a certain understanding of the characteristics of Velcro hook and loop fasteners. Below you will find out the common characteristics of the Velcro fastener tape.

There are three main aspects of Velcro hook and loop fasteners. It is a comprehensive indicator that reflects the quality of Velcro products, so it is a problem to be understood when purchasing Velcro.

First, product features:

1. It can withstand high temperature washing, yellowing resistance and sunshine resistance.

2, the quality is stable, the bristles are even, it is not easy to break the wire, and the horizontal tension is firm and close.

3, the hook surface is neatly arranged, the angle of the hook is fixed, so that the probability of hooking the bite is increased, and the viscosity is guaranteed.

4, the product is good in the later period, the hook and nipple can reach more than 10,000 times.

5, the product is produced using environmentally friendly raw materials, does not contain azo (AZO Free), does not contain heavy metals.

Second, physical properties - test material with 100% nylon Velcro:

Heat resistance Melting point: Hook: 230 ° C Hair: 180 ° C, can be maintained for 1000 hours from 93 ° C to -56.7 ° C.

Cold resistance: It can be used at -20 °C. The lower the temperature, the stronger the tensile force, but the durability is reduced.

Water resistance: Maintain 50% tension in water and fully recover after drying.

Drug resistance: alkaline soda 50%, ammonia 28%, hydrochloric acid 2.5%, nitric acid 3.5% or less can still play a role.

Third, high temperature dyeing fastness:

The color fastness to abrasion and the color fastness to washing are up to 3.5+