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Velcro custom manufacturers take you to know baby Velcro
- 2018-11-07-

The injection hook velcro is made of polymer and nylon raw materials. The soft surface of the hook surface is ultra-thin. It can be used with various kinds of hook-and-loop soft surface materials (especially the hook-and-loop cloth) to make the No. 2 hook. It is a Velcro. The high-end products in the series are available in both transparent and opaque materials. The Velcro is divided into two types: the thin single hook, the third double hook, the fourth thick hook, and the fifth reverse half curved hook. Referred to as No. 2 hook, No. 3 hook, No. 4 hook, No. 5 hook. Abbreviation 2# hook, 3# hook, 4# hook, 5# hook.

Developed folding baby shot hooks, baby Velcro, customizable Velcro on demand.

Made of polymer and nylon raw baby velcro, ultra-thin shot hook. The early Velcro was invented by a Swiss engineer, George de Mestre. After years of development of the Velcro, and the improvement of technology, the Velcro is slowly changing, and the Velcro will be finished to improve the research and development. After that, in the past few years, the injection hook that can replace the hook of the Velcro is released. Nowadays, it has replaced the all-round function of the hook of the Velcro, and at the same time it is more blue than blue. The injection hook delivery company has increased its drooping.

Benefits compare folding baby shot hook, baby velcro

1. Ultra-light, ultra-thin, super-strong transverse tension (average of 1000g/cm or more).

2. The hook bite gap is only 1mm (the traditional hook surface is next to 2-3mm).

3. The new injection hook is less easy to hook yarn, and the hook type is fine, and the texture is good outside the garment sewing machine.

4. Can be used with reverse printing to enhance the brand image, and then achieve the full effect of the product.

5. In addition to the traditional sewing seam, it can be combined with the high-frequency compression of the mold to improve the product's delicateness.

Folding both pictures

Traditional hook and loop hook + matte new shot hook type

1. Weaving with nylon single yarn. 1. It adopts continuous injection molding, which is firm and precise.

2. The crochet bite thickness is 3.3mm, which is less dense. 2. The hook type is fine, the horizontal pulling force is strong, and the bite is dense.

3. The processing edge is easy to take off the yarn, and the cloth edge is not neat. 3. Free sewing, high frequency compression, can invent different shapes.

4. Suitable for the use of industry categories: cars, clothing, backpacks, shoes and clothing, medical equipment.

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