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Nylon ribbon manufacturers bring you to know the jacquard ribbon
- 2018-11-08-

Identify the webbing method:

The warp and weft yarns of the two unknown types of webbings were taken out and burned with a lighter, and some physical phenomena were observed during the burning process to determine the raw materials of the warp and weft yarns. When burning, observe the flame, the melting condition, the emitted odor, and the condition of the burnt ash.
The following are the physical properties of the combustion of the two webbing materials for your reference:
Nylon Ribbon : The near flame is melted and melted, dripping and foaming. It does not directly ignite like celery. It is hard, round, light, brown to gray. Beaded polyester ribbon: Near flame is melted and melted, dripping and rising The bubble can be burned continuously, a few sweet and hard rounds with weak smoke, black or light brown

Here is a brief introduction to the next jacquard webbing:

The jacquard webbing pattern is meticulous and never deformed. The product is made of imported nylon yarn, environmentally friendly dye, and the most advanced computer jacquard machine, dyeing and finishing equipment and dyeing and finishing process. It can be single-sided jacquard or double-sided jacquard, and the webbing feels excellent. The color is bright and the fabric is not worn. It is mainly used as a high-end bag shoulder strap, belt, lanyard, domestic and international brand sports backpack, etc., which can enhance the brand image and increase the added value of the product.

Jacquard webbing application range

Jacquard webbing can generally be used for high-end clothing materials or decorative materials (such as curtains, sofa cloth materials). The manufacturing process of jacquard belts is complicated. The warp and weft yarns are intertwined and uplifted to form different patterns, and the bumps are noticeable, and many beautiful patterns such as flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds and beasts are woven.

Jacquard Ribbon Features

The unique texture of the jacquard webbing is soft, delicate and smooth, with good gloss, good drape and breathability, and high color fastness (yarn dyeing). The pattern of the latitude strip is large and exquisite, the color layer has a distinct three-dimensional effect, and the pattern of the jacquard belt is relatively simple and relatively simple. Jacquard belts are further divided into warp jacquard belts and weft jacquard belts.

The weft jacquard belt is woven from the yarn in the transverse direction of the jacquard belt. The warp jacquard belt is woven from the vertical direction of the jacquard weaving machine. Jacquard belts are rich in color, not monotonous, and the three-dimensional pattern is stronger and the grade is higher. The width of the jacquard belt is not limited, and it can be customized.

Jacquard webbing is a kind of clothing accessories, and it is also a kind of textile accessories.

First, after drawing through the computer, put the picture into the computer jacquard program, and debug the textile. The jacquard belt is also divided into an extract and a Viti, which are woven by a computer jacquard weaving machine in a vertical direction; the weft is organized by the warp yarn through the lateral direction of the jacquard belt. Specifications are generally; 3.5mm 7mm 13mm 16mm 19mm 22mm 25mm 32mm 38mm 50mm.

Polyester jacquard weave is made of 100% polyester. After computer jacquard process, the pattern can maintain long-wearing and never deform. The computer jacquard belt is generally made of high-quality polyester yarn by computer jacquard machine. The computerized jacquard craft has a unique style. The jacquard pattern has a three-dimensional sense of layering, which makes people look fresh and fresh, not only the light fabric is bright. Moreover, it has a jacquard style, a bright color on the surface, and a smooth hand feel. It is a rare jacquard belt.

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