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Ultra-thin shot hook velcro

Product Details

Product Name: Ultra-thin shot hook velcro


Ultra-thin shot hooks for baby products with hooks up to 2,400 and good lateral and peeling forces. For the characteristics of infants and young children, the hook type is fine, the adhesion is good, the skin is not hurt, the hook type is finer (the number of hooks per square inch is more than 1400), the tension is strong, the hand is not scratched, the hook is not easy to be hooked, and the arrangement is neat. Beautiful and durable, it is suitable for all kinds of outdoor products, metal materials and plastic products, which can effectively reduce the wear on the outer layer of clothes.

The product has a meticulous appearance, good hand feeling, and is not easy to be hooked and aged. Suitable for wire ties, medical equipment, baby products, sphygmomanometers, sports equipment and other products. The company has many years of industry experience, can be customized according to customer needs.