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Standard velcro

Product Details

(Devil stickers / Velcro tape, male and female buckles, male and female buckles) Originally in the early 1980s, its products are simple to apply, high-viscosity, washable, sticky and fast, and are manufactured by the majority of clothing, footwear and hat industries. Adopted by the business, it is now universal. The hook has a hook surface and a suede surface, the hook surface is neatly arranged, the hook angle fixing frame hits the buckle bite probability, the suede bristles are even, the broken yarn and the hook surface transverse adhesive force are firm and tight, and the double-sided bonding Can be used repeatedly up to 10,000 times, the quality remains stable. Specifications: 6-180mm color can be customized according to the guests, or can be customized according to the needs of the Velcro .

Then strong, washable, dry cleaning, quality is stable. Widely used in: sporting goods, clothing, furniture, medical, tents, toys and shoes and hats.