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Nylon does not scratch the velcro

Product Details

Product Name: Nylon does not catch velcro

Product specifications: 16-110MM
Product material: 100% nylon Scope: baby products clothing shoes and hats bags leather products handmade fabrics outdoor travel supplies fitness equipment medical supplies sportswear ski wear and other commonly used:
Features: Do not scratch the velcro surface of the velcro, the surface of the bristles is neatly arranged and high-grade. After several thousand times of pulling, it still remains as it is, and no hair is produced.
No flinching and ordinary Velcro hook surface, the shooting hook can be used together; combined with the shooting hook anti-impact, no deformation characteristics, with more harmonious,
Common in high-end sportswear, ski wear, the details are perfect.
Technical parameters: hook surface embedding thickness: 2mm-3mm width error: plus or minus 1mm, pull and number of times: 10000 times or more Environmental requirements: EU standard, applicable temperature range: -30--180 °C
Whether it can be washed: can

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