Abstract: Shenzhen Lihengfeng Textile Co., Ltd. is a nylon back-to-back Velcro strap manufacturer, providing nylon back-to-back Velcro strap manufacturers custom, nylon back-to-back Velcro strap supplier direct, nylon back-to-back Velcro strap wholesale custom, product hot Sold in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhejiang, Hangzhou, Yiwu, Jiangsu, Beijing and other places.

Nylon back to back Velcro strap

Product Details

Category: Back to back velcro

Specifications: width can be 25px-375px length can be done 25px-50 meters specifications have a variety of, you can call the sample

Color: Generally black is available in stock, color can be customized.

Material: Blended / Nylon

The company's production range: sewing Velcro, adhesive Velcro, magic cloth, elastic, telescopic, elastic Velcro, voltage, 3M Velcro, back to back, mushroom head Velcro, self-adhesive magic buckle, electronic wire strap, wire tie Belt, magic straps, wire straps, magic wire straps, computer peripheral cable ties, hook hair with the same body buckle, shot hook, plastic hook velcro and so on. Product processing range: sewing processing, slicing, slit processing, glue, paste, lamination, voltage, ultrasonic processing, printing, punching, dyeing, etc.