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15mm back to back velcro

Product Details

Name: Back to back Velcro strap

Color: black, white, blue, green, red, yellow (can be customized)

Material: Nylon


1,15mm wide and 25m long, with a frontal matte surface, back to back hook surface, can be bonded by rolling, convenient and fast.

2, used to organize messy wires, can be used repeatedly.

3, the hook surface is smooth and smooth, do not draw, do not have to worry about the child's back scraping.

4, you can cut the length at will, no off-line, anti-roll is sticky, easy to use and save.

5, can be cleaned, keep the color bright, so that the messy lines become a landscape.

Uses: wire and cable, power cords, electrical appliances, bundles of various industries, etc.

If you order more than one item, you can provide samples within 1 meter (free shipping). The company provides various punching and adhesive processing, and provides OEM/ODM services. The quantity is better and better. Customers are welcome to contact us.