Abstract: Shenzhen Lihengfeng Textile Co., Ltd. is a back-to-back cable tie manufacturer, providing back-to-back cable tie manufacturers custom, back-to-back cable tie supplier direct sales, back-to-back cable tie wholesale custom, products are sold in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhejiang Hangzhou, Yiwu, Jiangsu, Beijing and other places.

Back to back cable tie

Product Details

Product parameters:

Name: Back to back cable tie

Specifications: specifications can be customized, 10mm-100mm

Color: black, white, gray, red, yellow, green, blue, other colors need to be customized

Environmental protection: The company's products can reach the international (EU environmental protection standard SGS side test), dyes do not contain azo, lead. Heavy metals.

The back-to-back Velcro is made by combining the adhesive-bonding cloth with the ultra-thin and ultra-fine plastic hook glue. It is also called back-to-back Velcro and double-sided Velcro. It can be cut to any length and made into different types. The straps of the specifications, the back-to-back nylon velcro can also organize the peripheral wires of the computer power cord, mobile phone charger, headphone cable, plug-in cable, network cable, home electrical wires, etc., to avoid the spider mesh wire disturbing the living room and office environment.


1. Telecom (Mobile, Netcom, Unicom,) equipment room cable bundled, shunt cable;

2. Internet cafes network cabling bundles and beam lines;

3. Bundling of interior decoration wires;

4, home network cable, computer accessories power cord bundle;

5, other industrial wiring, binding, etc.