Combining the advantages of elastic band fastening tape to form a new product - elastic velcro
- 2018-11-15-

Elastic bands should have been seen before, and you know what it is. What is the use of the elastic band that is often visible, and the characteristics of the hook and loop fasteners have become a new type. product. It has the elastic and elastic properties of the elastic band, and has the ability to bond. There are many fields that have been used in the past. Now, such new products are more widely used.

The high-elastic elastic band is made of imported Malaysian latex Thai latex and polyester low-elastic yarn, which is commonly used in garment accessories. It is one of the elastic bands and has strong elasticity and wide application.

High-elastic elastic bands can be used for straps, belts, wrist straps, etc. High elasticity and good toughness; durability and non-fading; in line with environmental standards – the raw materials used by the company are strictly selected, using 100% natural harmless yarn and imported latex yarn to lead the trend and lead the fashion. Design; cost-effective elastic band, first-class quality, high-elastic elastic band can be customized to make a strap, Epoxy printing logo.

The application of Velcro is also becoming more and more widespread, and many people are more and more fond of its various characteristics, bringing a lot of convenience to life or other aspects. Elastic Velcro is a velcro that many people like. It can act as a matte surface and is elastic, so it can be stretched, and because of the characteristics of the Velcro, it can be tied. It can be said that it is a multi-purpose, very convenient.
Moreover, the elastic band velcro is easy to use, highly viscous, washable, and quick to bond. It has been adopted by the manufacturers of the clothing, shoes and hats industry. It has been generally used with a hook surface, a suede surface and a hook surface. Arranged neatly, the angle of the hook is fixed, the chance of seizing is increased, the suede bristles are uniform, the yarn is not easy to break, and the hook surface is elastically bonded tightly. The double-sided bonding can be used repeatedly for more than 10,000 times, and the quality is maintained. stable.
Nowadays, the elastic band Velcro has been widely used on wrist straps and belts, because the elastic band is a combination of rubber bands and Velcro. It is especially suitable for medical, health care products, sporting goods, fitness waist, and carry-on. It can also be used for slimming waists or for binding things. It has the characteristics of good hand feeling, good elasticity and durability. Therefore, I was praised by many fitness people and Amy.

Lihengfeng elastic band is made by knitting machine. The materials used are all environmentally friendly and do not contain any toxins. People don't have to worry about harm to the body when using it. It is used in the hook and loop fastener. At the same time, it has its original advantages and characteristics. The elastic material is soft and breathable. The contact with the skin when the Lihengfeng elastic band is used does not cause influential damage, and it is not easy to age due to durability, and the stretching performance is relatively large, like the rubber band. The characteristic advantage is to determine one of the practical aspects of product quality. When choosing to buy, everyone pays more attention to this aspect of the characteristics. Nowadays, there are often some unscrupulous merchants in the market to take out inferior products instead of quality products for sale. The behaviors of the times are everywhere, so pay special attention to these when purchasing.