Velcro custom manufacturers tell you that Velcro has become an integral part of our lives.
- 2018-11-07-

Velcro is everywhere in life, everywhere. It is used in a wide range today.

For the Velcro believe that many people are familiar with, Velcro is more common in our daily life, generally used in cell phone pockets, pockets, there is adhesion. However, there are still many people who are unclear about the material of the Velcro. Let's take a look at the differences between the different textures of the Velcro.

1, nylon material

Nylon is not easy to burn, and it is very soft. The Velcro is suitable for use on clothing and is a very environmentally friendly material.

2, polyester material

It is easy to burn, and it produces black smoke. It is also accompanied by a pungent taste, a hard material and a rough hand.

3, polyester and nylon mixed material

Combining all the characteristics of polyester and nylon, it is not easy to burn and is very durable. The adhesive velcro is made of this material.

4, nylon A grade material

Very soft, often used as a close-fitting garment, and can also be used on the baby without causing skin damage.

5, not scratching material

There are mainly types of bristles that do not catch hair. Only the matte surface, the hooks are usually used with nylon A-grade materials, and are used in close-fitting clothes.

Different materials can be made into different Velcro, different materials, the use and characteristics of Velcro are different, but all kinds of Velcro are in line with environmental standards, and the demanders can choose different magic according to their own requirements. For the type of stickers, you can also customize the Velcro according to your needs.

For example, on a mosquito net, the portable action mosquito net and warm account using Velcro are suitable for direct use indoors or outdoors. The structure mainly includes a stack of several sets of joints and pipe racks to form a space state. In the outer periphery of the net, the warm room is formed by the cover cloth or the cloth of the airtight village material. At the same time, the mosquito net and the warm cloth are provided with a fully closed cover group on each end face and a zipper or a hook and loop fastener. The buckle is opened and closed for import and export, and the mosquitoes are completely prevented from entering and resisting freezing and freezing, and a bottom pad is set at the bottom for comfortable lying, and a hot air generating device can be added to the warm account to increase the internal warmth. Chill anti-frozen function. This is the good effect that the hook and loop brings to the mosquito net. I believe that the Velcro will be greatly improved in the near future.

People say that the skin determines the color of your dress, I said this is not absolute. The blue color is matched with other colors, which can improve the skin's twist. It is quite suitable for the skin of the oriental eyebrows, so that the yellow color is elegant and noble under the blue decoration. Contrast belts choose high waist treatment, even if you are wearing a slim dress, you can enjoy the coolness, harvest S body, and earn praise.

Walking and shopping, leisure but without losing the characteristics, the waist Velcro design waist is slim, the solid color is elegant and elegant, the front row of Velcro, let the prostitutes freely adjust the neckline, convenient, no longer have to worry about the zipper to break at any time Worry, no longer worry about a fixed neckline, wearing a t-shirt and wearing a more personality

The girls are romantic, strapless straps and straps skirts, the pink color can become a favorite of many girls, the bow of the cuffs decorate your summer sweet feelings, the round neck reflects the girl's soft temperament, a simple pair Exquisite beige flat sandals are paired with a classic chain bag for a feminine look.

White stands for purity and cleanness. The white lace shows a simple and lovely temperament. The simple style adds to the elegance of the lady. A white vest inside will not destroy this pure atmosphere. Such a match is quite good both in color and in style. The details of the Velcro stave are high-quality, exquisite workmanship and good decorative effect. Exquisite pockets in pocket details, neat lines, exquisite workmanship and quality. The details of the waist velcro design are convenient and practical, and the waist is slim. The upper open design, the elegant and noble lady dress is very slim, the high-breasted design depicts a charming curve, and the transparent inner skirt covers most of the short jeans with the lower body, revealing slender legs. In the summer, you are the focus of passers-by, charming and stylish.