Small 吱 buckles and buckles can also be used to organize messy lines
- 2018-11-07-

In the face of messy data lines, it is usually a lot of people's troubles. So, how can we sort out to be more beautiful and efficient? When sorting out family life trivia, the most troublesome thing is cable and cable, such as: home power cord, headphone cable, USB data cable, computer cable, especially in the small partner with TV or router will certainly have such an trouble The back of the data line is many and complicated, but also exposed to the outside, not only looked upset, but also a layer of dust, dirty and chaotic after a long time, always feel too much desktop line, but no one can do it.

Although designers around the world have always racked their brains to make the big guy of the patch panel more beautiful, it still can't stop the intrusion of various charging plugs and charging cables. In fact, as long as you use a small thing, you can easily solve the problem. What is this little thing? That is the buckle, the mother button , the Velcro, with the buckle, will not be used, what should be?

Please take a look at the following steps: First, first organize, then store, this principle is actually universal, whether it is data lines or other items, must be sorted before storage. When finishing, put all your data lines out, charging treasure, charging treasure, headphones, power cord, etc., the same data line as far as possible to leave only one, and now many data lines are universal. After doing the whole thing, basically there are not many data lines left. Storage is to put the remaining part in the right place in the right way.

Secondly, the data lines are stored in a single root and placed vertically. Bundle the data lines one by one. Do not bundle multiple data lines together. It is too much trouble to take them. You can buy a few buckles, not expensive. After the separation, bundle the data cables with different color buckle straps, find a box, and put it vertically. This way the wires will not entangle each other.

Finally, for messy desktop lines, the most common method of storage now is to bundle them with color cable, and to fix the wires in one place with a clamp. The above is some of the data line finishing techniques and usage methods that Velcro manufacturers bring to everyone, suitable for mobile phone, tablet, router, and even digital technology products such as computers. If you have a lot of digital products in your home, feel that the wire is easy to knot, if it is not easy to organize, you may wish to try the small skills above.