Glued tape harness manufacturers tell you the practical tricks of elastic velcro
- 2018-11-07-

There are many applications in the life of the hook and loop fasteners. In the course of these applications, we still find that many people will not use the Velcro, or even know what the Velcro is? So now the hook and loop fastener manufacturer tells you what is worth noting in the process of using it?

The first thing to note is that the hook and loop fasteners must be stored in a dry environment, and it should be noted that they should not be placed together with corrosive objects. The effect to use it. The stickiness of the Velcro may drop and it won't work when you use it. To maintain its original state, do not disperse it, and the dispersion will cause the Velcro face to wrap and the viscosity will decrease.

Velcro tape harness manufacturer Velcro is best not to be cleaned during use, because the two sides of the Velcro will touch together and rub each other during the cleaning process, which will make the velcro sticky surface of the hook because of external force. The reason for the deformation and stretching, and even the situation that can not be restored to the original state, so try to avoid cleaning in the process of use, even if cleaning, also pay attention to the force, do not destroy the characteristics of the Velcro itself.

In the process of using, we need to keep the veneer clean when we get the product of the fastener tape harness. If there are a lot of messy substances on it, it will not work when it is used. and many more. When tearing, pay attention to the direction of the top and bottom. Do not pull hard to the side, so that the ink can maintain a long-lasting effect and extend the service life.

The Velcro uplift has the characteristics of high adhesion and adhesion, and can be used on paper, plastic, glass, leather, hardware and other smooth surfaces. It has high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. Velcro upcloth can be stamped into various specifications and shapes. It can be used as a protective pad for stools and legs. It can be used for raincoats and clothes handbags. It is convenient and quick to tear.

The variety of applications of Velcro upsets is dazzling, so people roughly divide the Velcro into two types according to their usage and morphological functions. One is the ordinary Velcro series, and the other is the special Velcro series.

Elastic and non-grabbing Velcro is a kind of special Velcro series. The hair is elastic. The material is woven from polyester yarn + environmentally friendly rubber yarn. It has elasticity, good elasticity and is not easy to age. It is often used in MP3 hand strap. The elastic band that is often seen on the abdomen belt, the mobile phone armband, the sports armband, the bundled strap, etc., the mobile armband is a commonly used outdoor sporting product, which is popular and sought after by the public, and the mobile armband is fashionable. Trendy products, mostly used in health care, sports equipment straps.

Elastic Velcro armband is one of the new velcro products that has been favored by domestic and foreign markets in recent years. The velcro has a fluffy fluffy surface with a little bit of elasticity. It is a good choice as a wrist armband. Biceps, arm, cohesive force, and can also be used as a wrist protector (can really protect), unlike other knitted wristbands, which can only play a decorative role, suitable for fitness, basketball, cycling and Running and other sports.

Why is the Velcro upset with a stretchy elastic armband on the matte side? The reason is very simple. Velcro is widely used in our lives for clothing, shoes, hats, gloves, purses, sofas, boats, cushions, aviation supplies, ponchos, curtains, toys, sleeping bags, sports equipment, audio. Equipment, medical equipment, tents, BMX jackets, various military products, electronic wires, chargers, display equipment, etc.