Application of shoe velcro on shoes
- 2018-11-07-

In addition to the application of the following in the life of daily necessities, the adhesive Velcro has many applications in dressing shoes and hats, such as the collar cuffs of the jacket, the use of shoes under the movable shoes and basketball shoes instead of the shoelaces. What we are going to talk about today is the application on the shoes.

Traditional lace-up shoes can be used as a fine adjustment, with a special "foot". Through the process of adjusting the elastic level of the shoelace, it is also possible to get the disparate shoe support function. If the shoelace is loose, the shoe is softer and softer; on the contrary, it provides a firmer support. Such shoes can have a wider range of applications.

The shoes with the adhesive Velcro are easy to put on and off, the adjustment is fast and maneuverable, and the activities of the soles of the feet are more self-conscious, also called the shoes Velcro. But it also means that the firmness and support are absolutely inadequate. After the climbing of the eternal robbery, you will feel the feet "rolling (slipping)" in the shoes. Dealing with the usual competitive path may be difficult to hold the boulder, and the whole process of a route is no more than a few minutes. This is not obvious; however, in the long-distance multi-segment climbing, this is a must-have result. When applying the "plug" or perhaps the rest of the foot rotation, the gluing can be closed unexpectedly.

Others can also see slippers-style climbing shoes, the shoe mouth is stronger than the rubber band with a large elastic force, and some are supplemented with a zipper. The shoes of this kind are the simplest, and the usual price is cheaper. The slippers-style shoes are not soft and are sensitive to the shoes because they are not restrained by the laces or the adhesive velcro. However, the strength and support are not good. When applied, the moment of stress will be deformed (the level of deformation is determined by the pedals). The usual slippers-type climbing shoes use a thinner sole, without lining, so that you can feel the slightest heaviness, the stepping point is exceptionally strong, and the action of using the foot to the middle meter is also very easy to use. The application of slippers-type shoes must use an unusually small size, otherwise the skill of using the foot hooks is almost certain to fail. It is more suitable for indoor rock wall practice, bouldering or competitive roads. Others, because the thickness of the shoelaces and the hooks are omitted, the overall height of the shoes is smaller, and it is better to climb the gaps. In such cases, use a slightly larger size so that the toes can be in the shoes. Put it flat.

Nowadays, Velcro has been paying attention to our careers. The daily necessities, clothes, shoes, mosquito nets, bags, sofa cushions, etc. that we use are inseparable from the use of Velcro. Every kind of Velcro product is not clearly defined. Scale, however, we can't use it with convenience. Only by using the Velcro in the right place can we truly demonstrate its advantages of convenience, economy and durability, and environmental protection.

I often see it on the Internet: the girls in the list bought a pair of beautiful shoes in Taobao. After a while, the magic stickers on the top are not sticky, and the return is very troublesome. The postage is also outrageous. The boys in the column bought a pair of basketball shoes of their own favorite brand. The magic stickers on the top did not stick for a long time, and they became rushed and became helpless. The Mummy is always hobby because of the baby's slickness. The Velcro on the shoes becomes less sticky after a few days. The shoes are not stable, and they always have to fall. These shoes are still very new, and they are too squandered without wearing them... What should I do? Hey, it’s not worthwhile to abandon the repurchase. It’s not worthwhile to share some of the magic stickers on the shoes with everyone. I hope that I can sponsor you!

There are several environments as follows:

1. The hard plastic hook surface of the Velcro sticks too much debris, and you can pick out the sundries with a sharp object such as a toothpick.

2. Use a splint, an iron, etc., and put it on it with a slight heat to stick it.

3. The soft sticky surface above is scattered, the sticky hair is worn away, so you have to stop the modification. The method is very simple. You can't find the clothes you don't wear. You can use the Velcro material, cut it, and use the awl. The fishing line may have a strong thread sewn on the shoe. You can also use the hand to press the sticky hair to press it hard, and press it at the same time. In fact, you can't use it for another velcro.

4. If there is no easy-to-use velcro at home, you can go online and go to a small and scattered shop selling lace rubber bands to find a place, buy two feet, and go home to sew it, saving time and effort!

5. In fact, the above points can not get the place to repair shoes, so that the old man who repairs shoes can help you change the adhesive Velcro, or go to the ready-to-wear store to change a new seam, it is also very cheap.

6. When you buy shoes, pay attention to the kind that you choose to pass through the buckle and then fold back.