Industrial back to back Velcro strap
- 2018-11-07-

Lifting the hook-and-loop belt, many people's first reaction is on the clothes, because the most common ones are the Velcro straps that can be used on some clothes or shoes instead of buttons or zippers. The range of application of the cable tie is really much wider than before. Let's take a look at several new uses of Velcro straps.

I believe that everyone is familiar with the Velcro. The ubiquitous Velcro in everyone's daily necessities is like the magical and popular presence of its name, and the Velcro strap is also made with Velcro. The principle of Velcro can be divided into two sides of the male and female. The materials on these two sides are made of different materials, one side is fine and soft fiber and the other side is opposite to the other side. The surface is rough and slightly Hard, in fact, I want to be positive and negative, so that the sticking is firm and not easy to fall off. When the Velcro strap is subjected to a relatively heavy pulling force, the surface is rougher and slightly harder like a small hair. The elastic hook is small. Straight, open the tie from the loop of the rubber and then restore the original hook shape, you can paste and paste repeatedly and can be pasted several times (this number is the number of times the quality of the product and the use environment and the method of use) Because industrial magic sticking with this powerful recovery allows it to be used in a wide range of environments in our living environment It can be seen that the Velcro strap is also called the industrial Velcro strap, the Velcro strap, the Velcro strap, the Velcro strap, the industrial back-to-back Velcro strap. These names are different in each region. It is a big difference. The industrial Velcro strap is different from the ordinary tie. The ordinary strap is designed with a stop function and can only be tightened.

Velcro straps can be widely used in various places where items often open or close, but the traditional hook and loop fasteners can only be fixed on products or objects by sewing, for example, can be used in our office computer. The internal cables also include external mouse cables, keyboard cables, network cables, speaker cables, etc., as well as mobile phone headset cables, various power charger cables, cable cables, and household audio cables, and cabinet peripheral cables. The bundling and sorting and sorting of various wires and data lines in the home make them layout reasonable, neat and beautiful, convenient and clean.

The first
The use of the hook and loop strap on the tablet. Friends who have used tablets have definitely had a situation of disengagement, which is also a very headache. With the addition of the Velcro strap, friends who often use the tablet can not worry, he can help us to fix the tablet on the wrist, so that we can solve the tablet for us when we usually use it. The problem of getting rid of it. Even if you accidentally slipped from your hand, it will not cause the tablet to fall to the ground, reducing unnecessary wear and tear.
The application of the hook and loop fastener on the parachute. It sounds like the hook and the parachute seem to have nothing to do with it, but in fact, the hook and loop fastener is really applied to the parachute. What is unexpected is that the Velcro strap is mainly used in The parachute's directional wing is above, so that when used, the directional wing can be made more convenient and convenient during operation. As long as the hook and loop fastener on the parachute is controlled during use, the landing direction and the landing direction can be accurately determined. Adjustment.
Widely used in children's products. Nowadays, whether it is a children's clothing or a baby carriage or a baby diaper, the figure of the hook and loop can be seen on it. The reason for this is mainly because the children's products are often very simple to operate after using the hook and loop fasteners, and can save time, and for some older children, they can operate by themselves. Don't let parents worry, and it's easy to use.

How about, now is the understanding of the gluing with more updates, is it based on the Velcro strap is very magical, I believe that with the continuous improvement of production level and production technology, the Velcro will continue to develop and Improvement, I believe that in the near future, we can see the buckle belt in more fields.