Velcro customization - Velcro on the outdoor clothing is also a kind of clothing accessories
- 2018-11-07-

In daily life, we are no stranger to buttons, zippers, trademarks, ribbons, but when asked about the problem of clothing accessories, I believe many people will be more vague. In general, clothing accessories include: zippers, Velcro fasteners, buttons, webbing, shoulder pads, lace, lining, lining, hangers, hangtags, ornaments, moldings, powder, hooks, fur, trademarks, cords, Fillers, plastic parts, metal fittings, hot drilling, box bags, printed bar code diamonds, hot maps and other related. If the role of clothing accessories in clothing, it can also be divided into: lining, lining, filler, padding, trademarks, belts, sewing thread, fastening materials, packaging materials.

Clothing accessories can be divided into seven categories according to their use: 1, lining; 2, lining; 3, filler; 4, tape-type materials; 5, fastening materials; 6, decorative materials;

The fastening material mainly functions as a connection, a combination and a decoration in the garment, and includes a button, a zipper, a hook, a ring and a Velcro fastener.

The following principles should be followed when selecting a fastening material:

1. Should consider the type of clothing, such as infants and children's clothing tight-fitting materials should be simple and safe, generally using nylon zippers or buckles; men's clothing focuses on thick and wide, women's attention to decorative.

2. Should consider the design and style of the clothing, the material should be closely related to the popularity, to achieve the unity of decoration and function.

3. The use and function of the garment should be considered. For example, the tight-fitting material of the raincoat and the swimming suit should be waterproof and durable, and plastic products should be used. The tight-fitting fasteners of the women's underwear should be small and thin, light and firm, and the zipper of the trousers and the back of the skirt must be self-locking.

4. Clothing should be considered for maintenance. If you wash clothes, you should use less or no metal materials.

5. Consider clothing materials, such as heavy and raised fabrics that use large fastening materials, and loose fabrics that are not suitable for hooks, loops, and loops.

6. The location of the installation and the opening form of the garment should be considered. For example, if the garment is tightly closed, the button should not be used, and the fastener tape should be used instead.

Our company Velcro uses environmentally friendly thermoplastic elastomer TPU plastic raw materials (Taiwan Hongyi Plastic) production.

1. Thermoplastic elastomer plastic Velcro sleeves tough material, not only strong and durable, but also can maintain toughness in low temperature environment, the new accessories popular in outdoor clothing, is the first choice for winter clothes and ski shirts, the elastic adjustment of cuff pants legs And it is very reliable and not cumbersome, but also shows the excellent quality of branded clothing!

2 Velcro paste is strong and durable. It will not be mildewed and waterproof in the mildew environment for a long time. It can be opened and closed many times with ordinary rough surface.

3. With excellent high tension, high tensile strength, toughness and aging resistance, color fastness is above 4.5, no fading, EU standard, environmental protection.

4. Highly heat resistant, can still be used at temperatures up to 108 ° C, softening begins at 180 ° C, and begins to melt between 215 ° C and 220 ° C.

5. High temperature and cold resistance, the lower the temperature in the range of -20 ° C to 108 ° C, the stronger the adhesion, but the durability becomes smaller.

6. Acid and alkali resistance, washable and dry cleaning, sweat and oil do not affect the applicable effect.

7. The normal specifications are in stock, ready-made molds, accept special specifications for custom processing and production, more details of Velcro customization , welcome to consult.

8. Can be made into any color or custom-made brand LOGO with clothes.

9. Applicable to outdoor sportswear, ski wear, mountaineering and other functional sports and leisure equipment.