The elastic velcro tells you how to comb the messy network cable neatly
- 2018-11-07-

Wire Bundle: As the application range of the Velcro tape continues to expand, the colorful straps are gradually developing new product wire binding tapes, card straps, medical straps, (elastic) elastic Velcro straps, fixture straps, mobile phone charging The product such as the strap is made of hook surface and suede. The soft surface of the suede can effectively protect the surface of the object from being damaged. The hook surface and the suede are strong and not easy to fall off, effectively fixing various types. Electronic lines, etc.

Such a product is not only used to organize data lines and power cords, Velcro straps can also be used to decorate small objects, such as our keys, a large number of keys sometimes placed on the table will take up space, and afraid You can't find it yourself. At this time, the Velcro strap can also come in handy. Just a Velcro strap and a round adhesive Velcro can be attached to the wall. You can easily remove the key without taking up space, killing two birds with one stone.

Real magic stickers with a variety of usage, today's era is the age of electrical appliances, we always have a variety of electrical products around, so we need to carefully observe a lot of things around us, in fact, after careful observation It is found that our life has not come to open electronic products, just like the fact that fish can't be separated from water. Then electronic products can't be separated from magic straps. This is the same reason. I believe that after a few more than half a year. Electronic products will be inseparable from the Velcro strap, why? Because the Velcro strap was used at the same time, other straps were gradually eliminated, and only the Velcro straps survived the survival of the fittest, so they also occupied a place in the electrical industry.

        Velcro straps can generally be divided into two types, one is to use ordinary Velcro hook + ordinary polyester cloth, and the other is transparent shot hook + nylon hair cloth / edge fabric, both materials can be used, high strength, Glue tightly , can be repeated many times Bundle the sticky buckle - tear open - then bundle the sticky, if the comfort is better, do not hurt the hand, it is recommended to use the strap velcro that shoots the hook back. More use is for home: computer internal cable \ external mouse line \ keyboard line \ network cable \ speaker cable, etc., headphone cable, various power charger lines, cable lines, household appliances audio lines, cable bundles around the cabinet The layout is reasonable, the wiring is neat and beautiful, and the cleaning is convenient.