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Single-sided satin ribbon

Product Details

Product Name: Single-sided satin ribbon

product description:

[name] single-sided satin ribbon

【Ingredients】 Polyester (Polyester)

[Color] Multi-color optional

[Packing] 25 yards (22 meters) / volume 10 rolls / cylinder, 5 rolls / cylinder 870 yards (795 meters) / volume

[Specifications] 0.6cm/2′′ 1cm/3′′ 1.2cm/4′′ 1.5cm/5′′ 2cm/6′′ 2.5cm/8′′ 4cm/12′′

[Explanation] Due to the production process, there may be a small number of broken ends, please understand.

[Use] Widely used for hanging decorative hot sale, home textile accessories, toy packaging, high-end gift packaging, children's skirts, women's dresses, wedding decorations, holiday arrangements, floral decoration packaging, decoration, bridal bouquet ribbons, cheerleading, craft projects, Pet supplies, hair accessories scrapbook, women's hats, etc.

The company has many years of industry experience, the main products are single-sided satin ribbons, ribbons, back-to-back Velcro , elastic Velcro and so on.