Abstract: Shenzhen Lihengfeng Textile Co., Ltd. is a short manufacturer of jute rope, which provides short-term manufacturers of jute rope, short-term supplier of jute rope, and wholesale of jute rope. The products are sold well in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan and Zhejiang. Hangzhou, Yiwu, Jiangsu, Beijing and other places.

Jute rope short

Product Details

Product Name: Jute rope 1-30mm

Specification: 1-30mm

Brand: Li Hengfeng

Scope of application: back wall decoration, DIY bonsai bar restaurant decoration, etc.

product description:

Ingredients: Bangladesh imported jute

Features: natural plants, green, anti-corrosion, finished products breathable

Uses: DIY daily necessities, tag, photo wall lanyard, back wall decoration, DIY bonsai bar restaurant decoration, etc.


The company's service areas include electronics, household goods, medical, toys, printing, clothing, footwear, gift crafts, sports and leisure industries. The main products are back-to-back velcro , jacquard belt , braided rope and other products. Hemp rope is made of plant skin, with plant fibers (soft burrs) and slight hair loss. Softening oil is added during the production process, so it will smell oily. The smell will slowly disappear after a long time. No harmful substances can be used with confidence in various needs.