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Braided climbing rope

Product Details

Product Name: Braided climbing rope

The company's main industries are: infant products, golf supplies, textile accessories, textile processing, etc., the main products are adhesive Velcro , braided rope, nylon ribbon and other products. The braided climbing rope is suitable for everyday wear of bracelet jewelry, highlighting the identity of your outdoor players, if necessary, can be taken apart as a piece of rope. [Wildness Survival] Umbrella rope used by Zhong Bell can stop bleeding, make traps, bundle temporary tents, wear equipment to prevent loss, etc. in emergency situations, and can be used for emergency help! The diameter of the umbrella rope is 3 mm, and the tension of the single rope is about 220 kg. The monochromatic bracelet has a total length of about 3.5 meters to 3.8 meters, and the double-color bracelet has a single rope of about 1.8 meters. The 1.2-meter belt is unpacked with two 20-meter 550 ropes for trailers and first aid. The materials used are all special for umbrella ropes. They are the same as the ropes used for sea vessels. They have the advantages of corrosion resistance and anti-aging. The single rope tension is about 230 kg-240 g per rope.

The materials used are all special for umbrella ropes, and they are resistant to corrosion and aging, just like the ropes used in marine vessels. Sometimes a rope may be your life.